Proud to live and work here… and we’re staying!

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Posted Dec 13th, 2015

We believe passionately in a bright future for North Wales.

We’ve been building homes and communities in and around the Conwy County for over 20 years and we intend to continue doing just that. The Beech Developments team doesn’t just work here, we live here too and we’re proud to do so.

We’re bringing up our families here, our children go to schools here and we’re part of the fabric of this community in so many different ways, personally as well as professionally.

In some ways it’s sad that many of the major house builders that once operated in the area have now moved away. Have they lost faith in our wonderful county?

“The investment is not coming into North Wales which means the work opportunities are not here and we need to follow where the work is for the business to be sustainable.”

He added his view that “something had to change” to make the area an economic success.

The investment has been significant and the impact of that investment, in terms of transportation, retail, leisure, housing, employment and general quality of life, is there for all to see.

Of course things could always be better and there’s certainly no room for complacency but look at what’s been achieved in our part of the world already. Let’s celebrate those achievements and aspire together to get more done.

With all humility, we’re really proud to have done our bit in contributing to that change, and to the success and reputation that the area is now beginning to enjoy. We believe we’re continuing to make a difference.

That means we're helping to attract and retain families to the area. Those families are made up of people with skills to boost the local workforce and enable businesses to flourish, people with disposable incomes to support local shops and services, people who will boost the council’s revenues through rates and local taxes, and engage with local charities and community organisations. Those families also include children who help maintain the rolls in local schools.

It just goes to show that building good homes and creating sustainable communities really can enhance the economic well-being of an area.

The Beech team is proud to belong to North Wales. We relish the opportunities we have to create communities and make our own contribution to meeting the acute shortage of homes in our own communities.

As far as we’re concerned, there’s more than enough opportunity to run a successful development business in this part of North Wales. Even though we might well broaden our horizons to other parts of the UK as we grow our business to match our aspirations, we hope to continue to be North Wales’ home builder of choice and we have every intention of doing so.

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