‘Generation Rent’ faces a lifetime of instability – Beech offers an alternative

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Posted Mar 24th, 2016

‘Generation Rent’ faces a lifetime of instability – Beech offers an alternative

Homelessness charity Shelter has this week revealed that 74% of Generation X and Y (those born from around 1970 to 2000) believe home ownership could be out of their reach.

The majority of 25-34 year-olds want to buy their own home to settle down and lay down roots for their children, however they now believe the dream of a forever home will remain just that – a dream.

So serious does the charity see this problem it has dubbed those affected Generation Rent.

Here at Beech Developments we see first hand the effects of the housing shortage in North Wales because we are local. We see how being forced to rent a home, sometimes a long way from your place of work or your family support network, has a significant impact on your home life.

We see how being forced to rent forces many couples to delay having children at all and put other aspects of their life on hold.

The fact of the matter is that we need more homes. There is a chronic shortage in Conwy alone as the county has fallen way behind on its construction targets and many families are currently on council waiting lists for accommodation because there is simply nowhere for them to go.

At Beech we believe that Generation X and Y deserve the same opportunities in life as their parents and grandparents. That is why we work with council planners to ensure all our developments include a mix of homes that are both affordable and sustainable.

We build high quality, modern homes within reach of a range of potential homeowners including young first time buyers.

It is why we actively promote Help to Buy-Wales, where buyers can contribute 5% of the deposit required and the Welsh Assembly Government provides a 20% loan – meaning you only need to apply for a 75% mortgage.

And it is why we are currently working on projects to bring more homes into the marketplace. There are Beech developments happening right now creating homes which are affordable and comfortable.

Why not arrange to come down to see them for yourself at Gwel Y Mynydd in Llandudno Junction and see how the dream of home ownership can become a reality.

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